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intalling a garage door

Garage doors are a great investment for homeowners to make. They might seem like an aesthetic or non-essential addition to make to your property, but they can go a long way with boosting property value in the long-run.

It’s natural to be skeptical of this—after all, a high-quality garage door, such as an electric gate, as well as garage door installation can cost you thousands of dollars and require some level of remodeling to your home. But if you’re wondering if this investment is worth making, here’s what you should know:


Curb appeal goes up significantly.

The curb appeal of your home is a major factor in its overall value. The way your house looks on the outside isn’t limited to the neat front-yard or the fresh coat of paint. Potential buyers will also look at its functional and aesthetic appeal, including the condition of your driveway, garage, and the garage door.


Having a rusty shutter or no door at all can not only be unsightly but also scare away potential buyers who will worry about appearance, installation, and protection. When you invest in a quality door, you get short and long term use out of it, including whenever you decide to sell. Buyers will be willing to pay more for this added amenity.

two pannel garage door

Security advantage is undeniable.

A secure garage door is an effective way to keep your home, vehicles, and other belongings you store in your garage safe. Older, manual doors have locks that can be manipulated, broken or loosened, sensors that are either ineffective and lock systems that are ineffective.


Investing in a newer door means you get the incredible security advantage that comes with it, including upgraded sensors, more secure locks, and other features that help keep your home safe.


In Texas, a vehicle is stolen every 5 minutes and burglarized every 2.5 minutes. Don’t become another statistic. Make the right choice!


Safety is an added bonus with new doors.

In addition to the security aspect, safety is an added bonus, because older, manual doors can crash or fall, or injure people and pets, as well as damage your vehicles. Modern technology and safety features give you more control and greater safety against such mishaps.


We will ensure that your garage door is always in top shape, keeping its maintenance and repairs up to date. Even new doors can get damaged with frequent use, which is why we’re offering our garage door repair service Southlake.

interior of garage door

Potential energy efficiency and saving

Modern garage doors aren’t only designed to offer more convenience, they’re also meant to provide greater benefits. Energy-saving and efficiency is often an added bonus, with many doors providing insulation that keeps heat and cold entering or exiting your home. This is especially useful for homes with attached garages, helping you save on energy bills in the long-run.



If you were on the fence about getting a new garage door Southlake, we’re more than happy to help. Get in touch with us to learn more!

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