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While electric garage doors have been a real blessing, they can pose hazards to your safety too. This is why your garage door needs photo eye sensors to avoid such dangerous accidents.

With this safety feature, your garage doors can keep an eye out for people or objects lying in the way of the door while it’s closing. If you’re planning to upgrade your garage space with an electric door, make sure to talk to us about photo eye sensors as a safeguard against potential safety risks.

How Do Photo Eye Sensors Work

Located approximately 6 inches above ground, these photo sensors are safety features attached on either side of your electric garage doors. They emit invisible beams that intersect midway through the length of the door.

Any object or body placed in between the door will obstruct the beams and they won’t meet. This breaks the signal to the sensors and the door is unable to shut.

This feature allows the garage door to automatically stop coming doing when there’s something in the way. The circuit does not complete until the sensors are in contact again.

So even if you’ve accidentally pressed the button on the remote while there’s an obstruction in the way, the doors won’t perform the function.

Why are Photo Eye Sensors Essential for Safety

The federal government mandated safety features on electric garage doors in the 1990s. The photo eye sensors were developed in response to this law.

Without this safety feature, it’s highly possible for the garage doors to seriously harm or even crush the obstruction—even if it’s your pet, your kid, or your car!

With functional photo eye sensors, upgrading garage doors to automatic remote-controlled doors is much safer.

installing photo eye sensor

How to Tell If Your Sensors Are Not Working

In order to maximize safety, you need to ensure that this safety feature is in perfect condition. If it’s not functioning properly, you need to call professional garage door repair company Southlake immediately. Look out for these signs of malfunction:

  • Either (or both) sensors starts blinking
  • Garage door is only performing one function—opening or closing—when the signal is given
  • The door is not coming down all the way
  • The door is not going up all the way

Facing any problems with your automatic garage doors? Call us at (817)-893-6551. We’re your local electric driveway gates Southlake company.

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