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Coming home to park your car in the garage that opens noisily enough to pierce your eardrums is truly agitating. It’s as bad for the poor neighbors who have to live with the noise and can’t do much about it!

The sharp grinding sounds and groaning noise is a sign that your garage door isn’t in its best form. These chaotic sounds tell you that something needs to be done about their lubrication.

But most homeowners learn to live with it and accept it as routine. Here’s why lubrication is important for garage doors.

Why Do Garage Doors Need Lubrication

If your garage door is made of metal, it’ll corrode with time because it’s exposed to the elements. What starts with a layer of rust on moving parts such as the rollers, hinges and tracks eventually causes friction and leads to metal fretting. This dramatically affects its movement.

Without proper movement, your garage door won’t serve any purpose at all. In fact a malfunctioning garage door is a security risk for break ins.

Where Do You Need To Lubricate

The painful noise that erupts from your garage door, every time you open them, is a symptom of a bigger problem elsewhere. You need to look into your garage door’s configuration to know which parts need lubrication. Here are some common areas that need lubrication:

roll up broken spring

  • Springs:The garage torsion springs will need a coat of the best lubricant. Apply enough to help them run smoothly.
  • Hinges:Steel hinges are the pivots of your garage doors, and tend to rust in humid weather. Lubricate them as necessary when movement becomes difficult.
  • Tracks:First, clean all the buildup from the tracks. That could be obstructing the door’s glide. Next, generously lubricate them for smooth running.
  • Rollers:Your garage door may have nylon wheels that run on the tracks. You need to lubricate the bearings without getting the lubricant on the nylon Make sure to clean excess lubricant if it comes in contact with the wheels.

How To Choose the Right Lubricant for Your Garage Door

You may find all kinds of varieties when it comes to lubricants. From WD-40 to silicone sprays, there’s no dearth of options. It’s generally better to choose white lithium grease or silicone sprays to enhance the functioning of the moving components. If you need to inject in small parts, aerosols are your best option.

Make sure whatever lubricant you use doesn’t harden into gum or attract dust because that can lead to more buildup.

Is your garage door noisy still? It might need a professional repair.

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