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bmw in a garage

A serious weather season brings bad tidings for the residents of Southlake. Power outages are the first of many inconveniences that indicate a storm.

If there’s a storm coming, you would want to safely park your car inside the garage to protect it from the elements. But since it’s power operated, the million-dollar question is: how do we open garage doors?

Let’s see if the following suggestions spark some ideas!

Door Must Be In Closing Position

If the door is in the opening position, it can slam down with full force if you succeed in disengaging the opener. This can lead to serious injuries. Make sure to call in professionals before proceeding with trying to close the door.

installing a garage door

Pull the Emergency Release Cord

The emergency release cord allows electric doors to operate manually in dire circumstances such as power outages. It’s usually a red-colored rope that hangs from the trolley.  In closed position, the rope must be at the front. The trolley is connected to the garage door opener carriage that controls the movement of the door. By pulling the cord, you disconnect the carriage from the trolley so that the door can be opened or closed manually.

Operate Manually

It might be doubly hard to push the garage door open manually if the spring is damaged or broken. Technically, the full weight of the garage door shouldn’t fall on you, even if you’re lifting it manually. If the door feels heavier than usual, contact professionals to repair the spring. Otherwise it should operate smoothly.

Pull the Cord Again and Reconnect

Once the power returns, you’ll need to reconnect the trolley to the garage door opener carriage. You can do so by pulling the emergency cord toward the door. This will compress the spring lever and help the mechanisms reconnect.

Once they’ve been reconnected, you’d have to operate the garage door manually for one full cycle—open and close once. When the door moves a full cycle, you’ll hear an audible click as the trolley falls in place. This indicates that you can resume operating the door electrically.

Power outages won’t have disastrous effects if you follow these steps and call us in wherever need be. We’re available to contact at (817)-893-6551. Trust us, your local electric driveway gates Southlake company.

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