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Most residential properties have two entry points: the main door and the garage door.

A secure and reliable garage door is an integral part of ensuring home safety and security. It’s one of the most vulnerable spots in your home, which is why it is often targeted by burglars—or any other unscrupulous actor who’s looking to gain entry into your home.

The following are some tips for heightened garage door security:

Hide Your Garage Key Or Remote

Regardless of the kind of garage door you’re using—whether it’s manual or automatic—it will have an opener with it that you carry around.

If you’ve parked your car in an office building or outside a grocery store, you need to make sure that you hide the opener before stepping out of the vehicle. If the opener is in plain sight, it’ll encourage thieves to break into your vehicle and copy the code. They can easily break into your house the same night without you even knowing about how they got access.

Switch Your Codes

If you have an automated garage door, it can be opened and closed using a code. You need to keep on rotating this code to avoid its frequencies being copied from a distance.

You can switch up these codes every six months or after any interval that’s suitable for you.

Inspect Your Garage Door Regularly

Even small faults in your garage door can lead to a burglary attempt. You need to check your door for cracked windows and spaces in weather stripping. Burglars often leverage these small faults to gain access to your home.

It’s advisable to check your garage door for any maintenance requirements as the season changes. But it also wouldn’t hurt to conduct a weekly examination.

Install A Manual Lock

While automatic garage doors are often more secure than manual garage doors, a side manual lock will provide additional security. This is especially true for times when you’re going away for an extended period.

Add Lights

Lights are an excellent deterrent. You can add motion-activated lights above your garage door to detect any movement at odd hours in the night. Moreover, it gives the space a lived-in feel, which can unsettle anyone who’s looking to break in.

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