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sectional garage doors

There are two main types of garage doors: single panel and sectional variants. Sectional doors have multiple panels, as opposed to one big paneled garage door. If you’ve been thinking of getting a new garage door installed but are confused about which one to go for, this comparison will help you make an informed decision.

Let’s Compare The Price Points First

Many homeowners decide on the budget they can spare for a particular item before they consider one. This makes price point an important deciding factor when it comes to deciding on a garage door.

For people who are looking save money, single panel doors may be a better option as they’re far more affordable than sectional doors. They are also less expensive to get installed since they have fewer parts to manage.

How Different Do They Look When It Comes To Appearance

Here’s a fact: no one type is better than the other when it comes to aesthetic. Both types come in a huge variety of materials, colors, and designs. However, when it comes to sectional doors, they have multiple segments that need to work together to get the door to function properly.

People living in older homes usually find it easier to manage single panel doors to match the overall theme of their building.

Comparing The Functionality Of Both Types

If appearance and pricing are what matter most, single panel doors fare well. With more options when it comes to appearance and a lower price point, these are great options for design and affordability conscious homeowners.

However, on the other hand, sectional doors present more modern features and options. This is because they don’t rely on extension springs, which also makes these doors more secure than single panel ones. Additionally, sectional doors are also more suitable to smaller spaces because of their comparatively compact opening clearance.


We hope this blog post helped give you gain clarity on both types of garage doors. If you’re looking to get one installed and are on the hunt for a reliable Garage Door installation Southlake, get in touch with our specialists at Easyfix Garage Door & Gate Service today.  

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